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UK massive in the house. This Friday our big buddy TY and RBMA-ninja Kidkanevil are going to perform in the upstairs room of Amsterdam’s Paradiso. We were asked to host the evening and of course we said yes. MOOVMNT at PARADISO starts of with TY who’ll be performing a lot of new material of his brand new “Special Kind of Fool” album. To bring the transition from Hip Hop to more electronic styles of music, the little homie Jameszoo is going to play some tunes. I heard through the grapevine that he’s releasing his debut album later this year, but more info on that soon. To end the evening Kidkanevil is going to do a Live set with an whole array of different styles of electronic music. Keywords are wonky, dubby and who knows what else he’s got in store. If you were impressed by his “Basho Basho” album, come support this upcoming producer.

Not only do you get two live shows…you can also visit Oi! afterwards for FREE. Breakage, Distance, N-Type, Gomes & Brutuzz will be playing some bangin’ Dubstep in the main room downstairs in case you want to go apeshit till the break of dawn.

Send us an email if you want a spot on the guestlist and we might email you back with some good news. All emails have to be in our inbox in 48 hours!