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A year after there 1st release “State-Ik” the production trio from Amsterdam decided it was time for there first album. StatikMusic exciting out of the members SkullY, AllOne and R.I.L. saying this album “BEAT+1” was there first project. On June 30th they feel the world is ready for there masterpiece. BEAT+1 is an instrumental album based on a story, with variations like FeelGood, SoulFullGrime etc. Statik show there diversity without losing there sound. In August StatikMusic will bring BEAT+1 deluxe edition with all the take outs and new tracks. Check out the album on June 30th at or the familiar music websites. Statik hooked us up with 2 exclusive joints of the album. R.I.L Entertainment

StatikMusic – BlackManSoul


StatikMusic – 1000 Love