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BBE157SLP-1 Labels

I remember the good old days when BBE released one of the best compilation series ever. All rare Soul and Funk tunes that you’d have to pay a fortune for to find on original vinyl. Great news…the “Strange Games & Funky Things” series is returning. Volume 5 is set to release later this year, but to get everyone’s attention they are releasing a limited 7-inch (1000 copies) first.

The S.S.O. Orchestra from Belgium released “Faded Lady” back in ’76 which later became a classic hip hop breakbeat. Enchanting strings and a killer bass line where more than enough reason for Diamond D to sample it on his debut album and more recently Busta Rhymes sampled it as well. August 30th is your chance to get a copy of this re-release  with a very very rare instrumental version on the flipside.

The S.S.O. Orchestra – Faded Lady