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Last month we met up with Soulquarian Bilal after his show in Amsterdam (Paradiso) and behold the result. Our camera man Joao couldn’t make it, so me and Deluge decided to shoot the video ourselves on his Canon 550D. Big thank you for editing it though and I think it came out pretty nice, because Bilal goes pretty deep.

As you might know his albumĀ “Airtight’s Revenge” (Plug Research) is coming out in a month and today his first single “Restart” drops. Bilal is giving away the track on his website at where fans can enter their email address to receive an immediate download. The Restart single includes an instrumental version and a remix by Los Angeles experimental Brainfeeder producer Deadelus. Pre-order yourself a vinyl copy of the albumĀ HERE or if you’re more into CD’s you can get a copy over at Rush Hour or Amazon. Your digital hunger can be satisfied by visiting iTunes.