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Jack aka Space Dimension Controller turned 20 earlier this year at the Red Bull Music Academy in London and that’s where we met this leopard-print shirt wearing lad from Belfast. I can’t believe how fast this guy is blowing up and already having several releases out on Clone and R&S Rerords. His latest “Temporary Thrillz” release is a 6-track EP filled with tasty tunes. I never expected this to be so damn good, but when I heard “2EZ (Autopilot’s Lament)” I was immediatly sold.

This guy is on some whole other level and goes from straight mellowed out space funk to a mix of jazz, house and all sorts of other music which I can’t really put my finger on. “Transatlantic Landing Bay” is just ridiculous and will be played as often as possible from my end. Jack freaks the f*ck out on the keys and goes into a funked out frenzy building up to a point of no return. In other words shit is bananas! It might not be your cup of tea, but for open-minded music lovers this is the bizness and I’m getting me a copy over at Rush Hour this week.

Space Dimension Controller – 2EZ (Autopilot’s Lament) [112kbps]