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Our love for vinyl runs deep and over the past 17 years I personally have been digging for the black crack. So when a good friend of ours Osmanology asked us to be involved with this vinyl only event in Rotterdam called Analog, we were naturally down. Vinyl might seem outdated to some, but when you hear a song being played from vinyl at a venue with great speakers you’ll understand why a lot of DJ’s still prefer using it. The sound is so much richer and warmer. Back in the days you’d go through stacks and stacks of records, in search of that one record you’ve been looking for for ages. Nevermind the dusty fingers…it was part of the job. Nowadays a simple Google search suffices for most.

Videographer NaNo shot and edited a sick ass promo video for the December edition of Analog at Rotterdam’s best record shop…Demonfuzz. It really shows that vinyl is so much much more than a carrier of sound. It’s a way of life, it’s fun and it’s crazy sexy. Come check out the next edition of Analog December 4th at Beat Burger in Rotterdam.