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In the past me & Nilez used to do a little something we called “Slept on Sundays”, where we dedicated an otherwise slow sunday on Moovmnt to a song, album or artist we felt deserves some more attention. Since there’s way too much good music out there, both old and new, we decided it’s about time to bring back the Slept on Sundays. For this first one I picked a personal favorite off Karizma‘s 2009 “A Mind Of It’s Own V2.0” album. The album itself was more or less a continuation of 2007’s “Mind Of It’s Own” with remixes but also new material including this gem called “Good Morning”. The house heads out there will immediately recognize the lovely vocals of Monique Bingham on this track. To me this track is heavily slept-on, so make sure to give it a spin and check out the album too!

Karizma – Good Morning Ft. Monique Bingham