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When French producer dÉbruit relocated to London, it was just the start of a journey that would take him much further east than Hackney. dEbruit explains; “I lived in a Turkish neighbourhood in London and my productions are always a result of curiosity over the sounds and people around me. I wanted to learn more and try something with Turkish music and instruments so I travelled to Turkey in October, and I’m so glad I did.”

And so his “Şiş Sürpriz” EP was born (which translates as Skewer Surprise). Traditional Turkish folk instruments are coupled with modern, synthetic sounds on an EP that’s full of eastern promise. Currently dÉbruit is crafting a debut album based around trips to West Africa and recordings with the region’s indigenous musicians and traditional instruments. In the meanwhile you can purchase this EP which dropped today HERE!

dÉbruit – Accordé Don [128kbps]