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In late 2006/early 2007, Yukimi Nagano was still a fairly unknown vocalist from Sweden. Little Dragon didn’t exist yet, at least not to the public, and Yukimi was probably best known for her vocals on several Koop projects. And then there was this track…

GE-OLOGY is probably best known for his production work for the likes of Mos Def, Vinia Mojica and Talib Kweli. Also a skilled visual artist he was also responsible for some of the iconic album artwork put out by Rawkus in the late 90’s, and up to today is also one of NY’s finest DJ’s.

In 2006 I first came across “Longin”, then said to be the first track to surface from GE-OLOGY’s album to be. That album never saw the day of light (although he did put out a GREAT mixtape featuring his productions on Female Fun in 2005), and the track ended up being released on Suite903’s #15 compilation only. Enjoy!

GE-OLOGY – Longin’ (featuring Yukimi Nagano)