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I got this funny ass email from Mike Gao yesterday. He and the homie eLan dropped a sweet joint called “Withdrawn” on their Soundcloud last week and some Russian blog wrote the following.

“Mike Gao is a young Japanese producer in West Coast. It has been known that Mike has been very closely cooperating with Tokimonsta. Soundcloud is one of his new track, which is cooperated with Tokimonsta. But, there is no Tokimonsta’s name, since she used her pseudonym Elan. Now, they are living in sunshine California and Mike Gao is in the most powerful school in the world. Please click “play” to enjoy  all completeness of paints and the vibrations from more than talented duet”

Now Mike has no idea what kinda crack they’ve been smoking, but he let someone translate it for him and found it funny as hell. So big up to Ahhmusic for revealing that eLan is actually a cute bunny monsta called Jennifer.

eLan & Mike Gao – Withdrawn [128kbps]