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Ếch Nhỏ Trôi:

The little homie Onra has been busy with his “Chinoiseries” Pt. 2 which came out yesterday on All City. The whole concept is crazy nice and if you’re into bangin’ hip hop beats this will hit the spot. Congratulations on a dope sequel homie. Really like the samples and chops, you dug pretty deep for this one. I remember earlier this year when Onra was performing with Buddy Sativa in Amsterdam. I remember him playing “Fight Or Die” and thinking…damn this beat kicks. No doubt we had to stream this one for your enjoyment! If you want to support, go ahead and purchase this release on Chinoiseries, Pt. 2 - Onra or pre-order on vinyl at Rush Hour.

Onra – Fight Or Die [112kbps]