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Exclusive Brazil Giveaway:

I remember visiting London for the first time when I was just 14. Me and the homie Mr. Speak jumped on a plane and went digging for records mainly. Most of the record stores we visited then, don’t exist anymore. Happy to still have those memories though. That Reggae shop was one of my favorite spots that trip and Mr Bongo was located in the same building if I remember correctly.

Now Mr Bongo recently launched their brand new website and online store. To celebrate this, they’ve put together a 10-track sampler containing the finest of the current Mr Bongo sound. They’re giving this away as a freebie via their Bandcamp page for the next 30 days…so hurry up and download.

Almost two decades later I still have love for Mr Bongo because they’ve been rereleasing some incredible albums from Brazil. They’re even in the process of launching their first venture within Brazil so we can expect even more beautiful exclusive music to come our way. One of our favorite albums rereleased on Mr Bongo this year is without a doubt Cravo & Canela‘s “Pre├žo De Cada Um”. Take a look at their impressive catalogue while you’re at it.

In celebration of their new site we’ve been given the opportunity to give away 3 x CD’s and 3 x LP’s of our favorite Mr. Bongo rerelease to our visitors (that’s you). So if you would like to WIN one of these Cravo & Canela CD’s or LP’s for FREE here’s what you have to do.

1. Send an email to (before Nov. 25 2011) and tell us why you need to win this album.

2. Don’t forget to mention to put ‘Mr Bongo’ in the subject title and also put ‘CD’ or ‘LP’ in there so we’ll know what your preference is.

3. Increase your changes of winning by placing a comment…yes I will check. All winners will be contacted late next week!

Cravo & Canela – Iboru Iboya [128kbps]