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Okay I can truly understand why this is Butta! I wasn’t quite sure why it was green though, but after looking it up I found out the name refers to weed/marijuana. Now that we got that out of the way you might ask yourself….who is Green Butter? Well it’s two of Japans sickest producers Budamunk and Mabanua working together on their debut joint-venture album “Get Mad Relax”. My Japanese sucks so the press release wasn’t much use to me. I do know this. Perfect winter time food for your ears. Simply loving this soulful vibe that makes me wanna just chill the f*ck out on the couch. A definite must buy if you ask me, so check if you can purchase this via Get Mad Relax - Green Butter or try your luck over at Juno. For you vinyl heads there’s gonna be a 7″ coming out with my favorite, “The Smooth Route”, quite soon, so keep an ear out for that one.

Green Butter – The Smooth Route [112kbps]