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Another leak from KCRW‘s Mathieu Schreyer. This time it’s a track from a Raphael Saadiq‘s unreleased album “Pookie Blue Room”. You can read Mathieu’s inside story below.

“Back in 2004 Raphael Saadiq opened his studio doors to Spacek to produce an album for one of his sub labels. The album was supposed to be called “Pookie Blue Room” and features 10 songs produced by both Steve Spacek and Morgan Zarate with Raphael singing on all of them and featuring guest appearances by Common, Q-tip, Ledisi, Steve Spacek and Sir Bentley….anyhow the album was never completed and therefore never released…” [Shouts to DJ Rahdu and Mathieu Schreyer].

Raphael Saadiq – They Don’t Know You Ft. Common & Ledisi (prod. Steve Spacek)


Raphael Saadiq – I Miss U 2 (prod. Morgan Zarate)