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You might remember how we started this year off with “From Another World” from Boddhi Satva featuring Vikter Duplaix. Boddhi hails from Central African Republic and is known best for his Ancestral Soul sound. To give you an idea of what Ancestral Soul is, read the following.

When deep house music has modern Congolese rumba as wife, West African voices as mistresses and urban R&B and Afro-Cuban rhythms as occasional girlfriends, that’s Ancestral Soul.

His debut album, “Invocation”, was released last year in Africa and will be seeing a re-release later this month via BBE Records. His latest sensual song, “How Sex Changes Things”, featuring Leslie Kisumuna gets you in the mood for some good ol’ love making.

Boddhi Satva – How Sex Changes Things Ft. Leslie Kisumuna