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I know some of you’ve been missing our Slept on Sundays a lot. In the future we’ll be trying our best to maintain the focus on providing you with a weekly dose of ‘throwback’ music. Since Moovmnt is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary in December, we must admit to have slept on some tunes over the years . Also some music we couldn’t post about simply because the blog did not exist yet. An example of some incredible music, we weren’t able to post about is Shuya Okino‘s “United Legends” album, which came out in 2006. There are a couple of dope songs on this release, but one of our favs is “What Would I Do Without You?” (produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe) featuring Vikter Duplaix.

Shuya Okino & Mark de Clive-Lowe – What Would I Do Without You? Ft. Vikter Duplaix