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Monkey_sequence.19 from Sendai Japan is one of those producers we don’t hear that much about here in Europe unless you hang out at the record shop all day long. Hopefully this is going to change with his latest 12″ single “Pretend” featuring Mar on the vocals. The original version is kinda on the smooth tip, but wait till you get to the two remixes on here! First we have Kan Sano coming with a beautiful feel good remix that sounds magical at times. As if that wasn’t enough we also have Julien Dyne droppin’ a heavy synth-filled remix that will knock your socks right off. You might have heard me play this in last January’s “Glimmering Fractions” mix, but it’s out officially via Wonderful Noise. Be on the look out for that at your local record shop or go ahead and order it at Rush Hour!

Monkey_sequence.19 – Pretend Ft. Mar (Kan Sano Remix)