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I grew up buying vinyl so for me music was always something special. Something you would go out and search for. The first record store I grew fond of was Dance Tracks (R.I.P.) and after that Fat Beats came to Amsterdam. I spent many hours (and all my allowance) hangin’ out in records shops, soaking up every bit of knowledge I could. Just a few blocks from my house was this dusty old record spot that had a huge basement full of records. Must have spent weeks in there. I still visit this place on the weekend and hang out and talk music with old guys.

In the second half of the nineties I came in contact with Soul, Funk, Jazz, Disco and many other forms of black music. Before that it was all about Hip Hop and R&B music. Now when I first met Nevill, he wasn’t into vinyl as much I was. It wasn’t something of his generation, yet years later we share the same passion. He introduced me to music from FlyLo, AFTA-1 and Sa-Ra. I introduced him to Leon Ware, Pleasure and Leo’s Sunshipp.

We’ve been talking about posting about our love for old records and thought now would be as good as timing as ever to start. These Random Record Rants will shine some light on our personal taste in music and might open a whole new world for some people. For us it’s just a way to share our passion!

Yesterday Front2blaq helped me remember about this Samuel Jonathan Johnson record I hadn’t heard in quite a while. Arranged by Richard Evans (Soulful Strings) and with John H. Hammond as executive producer this album can only be good. It’s no secret I love smooth & sexy songs, so if I have to pick a winner of this album I’d personally go for “Just Us”. After having read the following quote on the back of the sleeve, I soon realized Samuel was one smooth fellow. “Age exists only to disclose the perpetual advancement of time, but love exists mainly to unveil the resolute purpose of man’s existence.”

This Samuel Jonathan Johnson record is going straight into my record bag that I’m bringing this Sunday to the North Sea Jazz club this Sunday. Going to play some mellow rare groove classics for sure!