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AD Bourke rejoins Five Fold Records for a second outerspace voyage entitled “Equal Turns”. Take a trip to the inner mind, an aurally administered distillation equal parts cosmic melodia meets gritty Detroit house. On the new EP Adam comes fresh as ever displaying subtle basslines and perfect synthwork especially on “Divvy“. That song became an instant favorite, so we thought we’d sneak you an early peak before it drops digitally next Monday. Pre-order yours on iTunes and also look out for the 12″ vinyl to be released a few weeks later.

Now we’ve known AD Bourke for a while, but for some reason we totally missed the boat on a tremendously dope track called “Dust” that was released for free over a year ago. Another recent project was a remix AD did together with London producer Royalty for Mr. Scruff‘s “Render Me” featuring Denis Jones. This also has a tight Andres remix on there and is out on 12″ via Ninja Tune.

Guess that’s two 12-inches you’ll have to look out for at your local records shop!