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We’ve been collaborating with French label Cosmonostro for a while now and it’s proven to be a long term friendship. The label ran by 96 is putting out something for everyone and we are glad to be in the position of picking out a cherry every now and again.

The Planets Episode 3: Venus Society is a 6-track planetarial mini-compilation suite. It contains music inspired by Holst (who composed the non-symphonic & orchestral suite The Planets a century ago. Perhaps you might be more familiar with Tomita’s synthesizer-heavy version from ’76. The aim of this project is not to adapt, re-interpret or sample Holst or Tomita’s work, but to pay homage and remembrance in our their unique way.

18-year-old French producer Grillz from Lyon delivers a fresh track called “Flesh” with soothing vocals and laid back guitar. Catch the exclusive premiere on our Soundcloud page and show some love by liking, reposting, commenting or pre-ordering right here.