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Ever since we came in contact with Hiatus Kaiyote‘s music, we were hooked! Back in 2012 wrote a little piece on their debut “Tawk Tomahawk” album.

With anticipation we have all waited for years in the hope the mighty band out of Melbourne would one day return. To my great surprise, Red Bull premiered the band’s “By Fire” EP earlier today with amazing artwork by James ‘Laneous’ Lane. In an enlightening interview with Nai Palm we can read that the title track is essentially a burial song for her father, who died in a house fire.

The EP is slated for official release December 2nd and it’s a taste of what is to come next year. Hiatus Kaiyote’s sophomore album, “Choose Your Weapon”, is what I call the perfect birthday present! It is said to come out on in March on Flying Buddha/Sony Music Masterworks and I for one can hardly wait.