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Taken from Gilles Peterson’s new album project Sonzeira, the track “Brasil Pandeiro” is a rework of the original 1940’s track written by Assis Valente. On vocals it features Emanuelle Araύjo, who you did an awesome rendition of “Southern Freeez”. Also featuring is one of the most prolific musicians on the Brazilian samba scene, Arlindo Cruz, who plays the Cavaquinho (small guitar).

Our favorite House cat, the incredible Max Graef, did an amazing remix of this Samba joint. You won’t recognize the original for Max’s take on this classic is crispy, fresh and freakin’ good. The Brasil Bam Bam Bass was curated with love and contains more remakes and outtakes from FaltyDL, Kyodai and Mark E to name a few.

Gilles will be playing back to back with DJ Nuts on Thursday 15th May at ‘Club Bam Bam Bam’. Pre-orders of Sonzeira’s Brasil Bam Bam Bass (the out takes and remakes) are available on iTunes and the official release is this Monday via Brownswood Recordings.

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