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The young and enchanting Alina Baraz now resides in Los Angeles with her other significant musical half Galimatias living on the other side of the world in Denmark.

This match made in heaven was made years ago and this week the duo finally celebrate their highly anticipated debut EP, entitled “Urban Flora“. It has been in the works for two years and though some of my music peers are not as blown away as I am, I have been dying for this to come out. Alina Baraz sounds like an angel whispering in your ear in the midst the most wonderful and intens lovemaking session ever. Her words are like liquid sex and without a doubt she is one of my favorite female vocalists at this moment in time!

Urban Flora contains a lot of previously released material, but there are at least three new songs that will blow your mind. No questions asked. The song “Show Me” made me feel something I might have not felt before. You guys tell me if it’s me or does this contain just a drop of actual magic? Urban Flora is about fairytales and magic and will guide you through an array of emotions.

Wrap your arms around your loved one and purchase Urban Flora on iTunes right now.