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FilosofischeStilte aka Luuk Graham was given the nickname of the Philosopher by his mom and dad. Also being the quiet type, it didn’t take him long to find the perfect artist name. Seems like Luuk used to ask a lot of questions as a kid, so we thought we’d ask some of our own.

The 21-year-old producer, from the city behind the Dunes, returns with Munch Palace Vol. 2. This second installment contains six hard hitting electronic tracks that can be quite extreme for some. The perfect balance between vibes and thumbs can be found on Sam A La Bamalot‘s remix of “Lost“. During the first minute you seem to gently ease into this soulful version, but it isn’t long until that haunting bass line catches up and smashes your eardrums to bits.

We’re pleased to exclusively premiere this track via Soundcloud and watch out for the new EP to come out this Monday. Shouts to Lowriders Recordings, who will be releasing this digitally and on vinyl as well.

[photo credit: Krijn van Noordwijk]

Q: Your name, translated from Dutch, means ‘philosophical silence’. That brings me to the first question. What according to you is the meaning of life?

A: I think the meaning of life is trying to create a positive purpose for yourself and trying to enjoy the things you are doing, while you are doing them and after you did them! Be happy, don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t do stuff makes you unhappy.

Q: Secondly what is the sole purpose of music?

A: Entertainment and a connection between the artist and the listener. When you hear a song and you get that euphoric feeling, you get goose bumps all over your body and you are just thinking over and over “THIS IS SO GOOD!”. Some how that person or group managed to touch you with his music and it gave you so much joy.

Q: How did you spend your time during lunch breaks at high school?

A: I sometimes meet people from my high school who recognise me and say “hey, you were that kid who was always drawing”.

Q: So Munch Palace Vol. 2 will be out June 8th via Lowriders Recordings. How did come to release with this Rotterdam-based label?

A: few years ago Hans from Lowriders sent me a message on Soundcloud, saying he liked my music and that they wanted to do a release with me. Since then I released 2 EP’s and this year Munch Palace Vol.1 & 2.

Q: Final question. How would you NOT describe your music?

A: I don’t know. There are so many ways to NOT describe my music and there are also lots of ways to describe my music.