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Daniel Crawford has always been an amazing musician, but when an artist creates a tribute for a wonderful human being, Robert Pelenkahu, it gives us goosebumps. They too had connected through music and talked often. Robert helped with some music business in Indonesia and they spoke the day before Robert passed away.

This weekend I read some status updates on Facebook myself and got sad for a brief moment. Robert, who was known as the ‘friendly big guy’, passed away on July 4th. I won’t lie, a few tears were shed even though I never met Robert in my life. We had talked a few times, but more importantly, I knew deep inside he was a beautiful person with a love for music.

He had worked closely with a my brother Leno (Goodnws) and my thoughts go out to him and all others that were close to Robert. Rest in power and may he be remembered for all his positive and good deeds. The bad we will forgive and forget! And thank you Daniel Crawford for immortalizing Robert Pelenkahu with your song “Robert Takes Flight“.