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I remember the founding father of this site, telling me about this geeky producer from London named Floating Points back in 2009. Soon after I met Sam Shepherd and on the train he asked me why we never posted “Love Me Like This”, when it came out. Truthfully I had to get used to his sound for it might just have been a little ahead of it’s time.

Years and lots of releases later the name Floating Points has become quite big. Sam has grown as both a musician and a DJ and draws inspiration from classical, jazz, electronic and soul music. His 7-track debut album, “Elaenia“, was named after the bird of the same name. On it you here how much he has grown and at times it sounds like a canvas painted with a beautiful soundscape, rather than some electronic dance tracks thrown together.

We understand why “Elaenia” opens with the song “Nespole” and we thought we’d stream it for you to enjoy. Please support good music and purchase this album right here.