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Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez (BR&CP for short) consists of Benjamin Fain and Robert Pierre Valero. The musical duo has released music on Heavenly Sweetness and Musique Large and now return with their debut Long Player. The title of their new full-length is “Navettes”, which loosely translates to spaceship or shuttle and is the main inspiration for the album: the soundtrack to an imaginary summer cruise on a futuristic space-craft.

If you’re into Hip-Hop with subtle Jazz notes and heavy bass lines, you’re going to like Navettes. The emphasis lies on live drums blended with Fender Rhodes and vintage synths skills. BR&CP ‘s organic recording process (including tape over dubs and a host of live instrumentation) infuses the project with an sense of analogue warmth that previous more sample-heavy work only hinted at.
Enjoy some filtered-funk-infused Disco blends with more reflective downtempo Soul. Largely instrumental, the album features guests such as Benjamin Glibert (Aquaserge) on bass, COEFF spitting rhymes & Napoleon Maddox on vocals.

The main cut for us was “Flexible Funk” and it is our pleasure to premiere this one on our Soundcloud page. Shout out to both BR&CP and Musique Large. Oh please feel free to pre-order Navettes on Bandcamp.