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Flying Lotus & Hudson Mohawke

And now it is final. 2 May 2008 @ Bimhuis Amsterdam.

Beat Dimensions: Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke and Cinnaman.

A 21st century Warp music night in the most futuristic music venue on this side of Sirius.

The night will start at 0.30, and will probably go on until 4.00. A reasonable fee of 10 euros will give you music from the future and a stunning view.

This will be special.

38 Cartoons from Flylo… for the people on the other side of Sirius.

Flying Lotus – Track 4 (HorseShoe)

Flying Lotus – Track 13

Flying Lotus – Track 29


Some knowledge about the Backpackrap…

+ 9th & Buckshot feat Talib Kweli – Hold it down



Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Just when we started to get sick of all the artists doing Dilla (G.O.A.T) tributes, I heard this beautiful beautiful song. A new version of ATCQ’s Find a way by Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Maybe one of my favorite tracks of 2008. At least it made some people cry…… and some people will have this on repeat for a couple of days.

Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Find a Way


Interview Waajeed did with SubRepublic, for the people who want to know what Bling47 is all about. And remember kids, it’s W A-A J-E E-D – spell it right!

Support, sell and talk about great music….so we can keep real good music alive.

-Bling47 & Moovmnt

PPP “Abundance” Coming Soon.


Made in Japan

A project from Billy Palmier, Gusto and some soulsinger. Good **** from Belgium with the Steve Spacek feel to it.

More info on KickSnare. Check out Billy Palmiers label Citywurl.Made in Japan – Babyspace


Milez Benjiman

Milez Benjiman… is a sonik sounding stomp of cyborg funk!

MB..explores and song-poetry.. that tell stories of a social & physycosomusical nature…& with a serious overtone of heavy slide-style dubsta vibez…!

still M Benjiman oozes sexual & sensual refrain..totaly leaving you wanting more!Milez..comprises of three members..Colonel Red – Gerd – Delgui.

all charismatic individuals who combine their writing & production talents to bring their experience & a wholehearted desire to create uplifting floorbanging music on 1 hand!

then on the other..they concoct a sultry evocative atmosphere..

that never fails to reach a true soulful climax..The band..met in 2004.& went 2 work immediately..2develope their amazing

debut album..”feel glorious” an album remanissant of the old

Parlement / Bootsy electric crunchfunk sound..but with an air of

ethnentricicty.. bringing a concrete yet spiritual feel! MB.. also

eminates a roar sexydance energy! With its midtempo winding grooves that

bang hard n deep!

The aim is simple.. 2 bring the grind & excitement of true soul music at

its best to

the people…!


Milez Benjiman – Feel Glorius (Instrumental)

Want to hear the vocal version?? Get “chop that wood” on Vinyl///



Kissey Asplund

Didn’t even know Kissey had so much older tracks. Got hooked up with these older tracks by Nilsoul, it’s very good and there is more where that came from. Check out the older posts for some more info on Kissey and get Plethora on 25/4.

Kissey Asplund – DJ

Kissey Asplund – Drama

Kissey Asplund & Carl Berg – Breathe


Illord Tha Ques
Illord Tha Ques from graphic design house LCP United gives next level music a face with this most excellent pile-on featuring MF Doom, Madlib, Dibiase, Phat Kat, Floyd the Locsmif, Oh No, Percee P, Waajeed, James Brown, Grooveman Spot, Gaslamp Killer, DJ Mitsu The Beats, Guilty Simpson, Count Bass D, Ras.G, Hudson Mohawke, RZA, John Robinson, Jneiro Jarel, Samiyam, Flying Lotus, and J Dilla.