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Guilty, Percee P and DJ Houseshoes are on their European tour right now. Check out the dates and watch this crazy freestyle on Mk’s radioshow.


Kev brown

Finally somethin new from Kev Brown. He made some beats on D.Huston’s album. Listen to that and get LMNO&KevBrown’s Selective Hearing on March 25th.

Kev Brown – So Good

Kev Brown – Agape

Kev Brown made this Production Commentary a while ago where you can hear what he does to his samples, and how he builds his productions. Some lessons for y’all.

The old Kev Brown beat video


Erykah Badu – New Amerykah

Finally we got the new Erykah Badu album “New Amerykah”

Listen to the album first on Moovmnt, and get the album on 02/28.

Ow smack can’t believe this shit checking out the chat seeing that Pete Rock’s album has leaked 6 days before the official release! Another one for the homies I guess..

Make sure you buy that shit when it comes out and keep supporting artists all over the world!

Peace from ench (listenin the album as we speak…) thanks oneforthehomies.


Another Sa-Ra Creative Partners Gem from Moovmnt.

Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Can I get u Hi

Afro Magnetic Electronic Spiritualism

thnx to Nilsoul

La Melodia ft. Roc C – Worldwide Connect

Directed by Frank Nitty
Camera & Editing by Richard Spierings
Styling by Lee Stuart


Eric Lau
The production skills of Eric Lau are powered by his love of manipulating sound in a soulful manner. Influenced by artists like Jay Dee, Pete Rock, D’angelo, ?uestlove, James Poyser, Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers, and Shuggie Otis, he seeks to walk in thier path of genre-busting, quality soul releases while adding a twist of his own. Using a blend of samples and instrumentation, his music already spans a variety of different genres and his collaborations with an eclectic collective of soul singers, musicians, dj’s, rappers and producers with the same mind set will help push the envelope further.

Production credits include Dudley Perkins, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Lupe Fiasco, Guilty Simpson, Wildchild, Tanya Morgan, Hil St Soul, and his family of artists Rahel, Sarina Leah, Annabel, Meshach Brown, Tosin, Tawiah and Jodi Milliner.

Ubiquity will release his debut LP ‘New Territories’ March 18th, 2008, go and buy it and witness his pure genius!


A Beattape from M********* 00Genesis on Moovmnt. If you don’t know who 00 is get that Beatnicks Vol2.

Tracklist: 1. Powell – “Dimension X” 2. Jackhigh – “Arachnid Eyes” 3. Rustie – “Dog Mask” 4. Hubert Daviz – “Smut Cut” 5. fLako – “Inside” 6. 00Genesis – “Dream Catcher”

00 just made a mix for MondayJazz, check that out here.

and listen to some Episode 3 beats from 00Genesis on Moovmnt.



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Bullion Presents: Pet sounds: In the key of Dee

Bullion’s a DJ/producer from the UK, and he made this strange cd which I still don’t understand,” but everytime I hear “I just wasn’t made for these times” I start to get the JDilla-meets-60’s-surfsound. Just listen to that…

JDilla VS Beach Boys – I just wasn’t made for these times

JDilla VS Beach Boys – I know there’s an answer