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The Roots – 75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)

by PeteRock
Directed by Ric Cordero
Rising Down 29 April 2008


Samon Kawamura – Somiya

More info Tomorrow…..


Finale & Spier1200

is the new project of detroit-based mc Finale and Japan-based producer Spier1200. Finale, born and raised in Detroit worked with artists as Dilla, Black Milk, Houseshoes, Nottz, Flying Lotus, Kev Brown & Dabrye.

Develop is a combination of class and culture. The album personifies the struggle artists face in their dealing with everyday life, yet relates to the universal hip-hop community through musical embodiment of exceptional production. The album has features from Bilal Salaam, 5ela, Elzhi, Invincible, Supastition & Neco Redd.

Finale & Spier1200 – The Backstory (Feat Bilal Salaam)

Finale & Spier1200 – Eye of the Beholder (Feat Elzhi & Invincible)


PO!PO!PO! Guilty Simpson released his Ode to the Ghetto 12″ with this Home Invazion Remix from Madlib on it. Get that on Vinyl.

Guilty Simpson – Home Invazion ( Madlib Remix)


Another installment from Detroit City. Fat Ray teamed up with Black Milk and created The Set Up. Go get that on , and listen to Get focus on Moovmnt. Bad Man with Guilty Simpson posted a while ago. Check the older posts if you want to be up to date.

Fat Ray & Black Milk – Get focus (feat Phat Kat & Elzhi)


Are you crafty with beats? And would you like to hear your jingle back in our Future Vintage show? Then pay attentionā€¦

Future Vintage is challenging all fresh and skillful producers and creative minds to chop, paste, reverb, echo and sample a package of accapella’s, shout outs and sounds and mold these into a new Future vintage Jingle!

It doesn’t matter if it is hiphop, disco, spiritual jazz, new soul or house that dominates the sound of your jingle, you are completely free to make your own thing out of it. You can use well-known instrumentals or your own beats -and everything in between- as long as it’s fresh and tasty enough, it enters the contest.

On March 23rd the three Future Vintage pioneers (Melodee, Radna & Tom Trago) will announce which producers are the winners of this jingle contest. Prize; next to of course everlasting glory and the title to be Future-Vintage-Jingle-King, a package with goodies, shirts, exclusive promo’s of FV bangers and moreā€¦

Are you down? Then download the jingle package NOW!

Mail your jingle to

Check the show on


Yeah I’m just about to leave the safehouse to go and see the Little Brother show and man am I lookin forward to it. Just so you know we got two videocamera’s and a digital camera so expect to see a whole lotta footage the next few days.

Shout out to the Superblenders who are gonna be there to get the crowd hyped up for the show. Word on the street is that Guilty Simpson might drop by the show should be a damn good evening!

When you read this you’ll either: be thinkin that we’re bumpin our heads to Phonte’s flows or be thinkin back at the show smiling away at the thought.

Either way have a good evening and keep lovin music.



Clutchy Hopkins

“If I were an emcee, I would want Clutchy on my squad. Much like MF Doom he has the unique ability to make the inanimate articulate, as if his instruments could speak. Not only is Clutchy ‘next up’, but he’s also on some next shit.”

Clutchy Hopkins is a multi-instrumentalist who recorded under various pseudonyms throughout his entire musical career; his recorded output consists of everything from field recordings of his travels to avant compositions, to jazz to funk. These recordings were up to this point unknown to the public. His father had been a recording engineer for Motown bands and had taught him intricate recording techniques when he was just a young boy. This knowledge Clutchy used to his advantage during his travels, working in recording studios from Bombay to Cairo. The information Ubiquity gathered of him was from a small biographical manuscript that was found with his recordings under the care of a Mohave shaman who was a descendant of the Cahuilla Indian tribe who Clutchy had studied under.

In this autobiography they find the writings of a musical gypsy who traveled the world investigating consciousness and its relation to music.When Clutchy was just 20 years old he traveled to the Far East and was under the tutelage of Rinzai Zen monks in Japan for many years investigating silence and the rhythms of silence in music. Later, he studied Raja Yoga in India to master and articulate the movements of the body and its relation to sound. In his autobiography Clutchy relates his fascination with drums and their effect on consciousness so he decided to travel to Lagos, Nigeria to study with a master percussionist by the name Oba-lu-Funke. During his stay there he became a political revolutionary and gun-runner, and staged rebel missions to fight the oppressive government and its policies of Apartheid. During his intensive studies and travels, Clutchy was constantly recording music.When he returned to the US Clutchy used his recording techniques to produce his own music and create instruments of his own. He has played with many groups primarily in the jazz, funk, avant setting. During his recording with other musicians Clutchy refused to contribute his name to the recordings, preferring to use a pseudonym or no name at all. He was purportedly good friends with Moondog and did some recordings with him; these recordings are yet to be found.

His recordings span from the early 70s to the late 90s covering a whole spectrum of musical styles. After these recordings came to the surface, we have tried to contact the original source where these recordings were found unfortunately that source has since died. It is said by locals who knew him that Clutchy Hopkins returned to the Mojave Desert to finish his life out living in an underground cave; no one has heard from him since.

Once again check Clutchy’s albums “Walking Backwards & The Life Of Clutchy hopkins” on Ubiquity Records. Make sure you get that, and put it next to your Yesterday’s New Quintet albums.

Now here is a gem from Moovmnt. The exclusive Peoples Market album from Clutchy&Misled Children. And a track from The Life Of Clutchy Hopkins. Get that on

Clutchy Hopkins And Misled Children – 5:00

Album – Peoples Market

Clutchy Hopkins – Track 1

Album – The Life Of Clutchy Hopkins


Our first tribute to music from Brazil. A weekly post with the best music from Brazil.

Shoutout goes to our friends from Brazil Teko & Samuel & Encho.

We start off with this track composed by Jorge Ben. Originais Do Samba – Falador Passa Mal.

A song about people who like to tell lies.

Originais Do Samba – Falador Passa Mal

Moovmnt isn’t Hip-Hop only…..


Want to know more about Blu’s videoshoot ask sweeney