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Reginald Omas Mamode IV

Great news everybody. Sir ROM IV aka Reginald Omas Mamode IV is on the verge of releasing his new 8-track EP titled “All Together“, forthcoming on Intimate Friends.

This intergalactic producer from London describes his music as ‘earthbound heart and soul music for good peoples’ and we love his organic soulfulness. Last year Reginald Omas Mamode IV dropped “Understand Me” on Five Easy Pieces and with the arrival of Summer, Marcel Vogel thought it would be the ideal time to spread the news about the All Together EP.

On Juno it says the release is due in September, but a little bird told me the vinyl will be ready in a few weeks. I suggest you pre-order here and keep it on lock!



Masego Medasin Pink Polo

Hell yeah, brotha Masego finally did it. Together with Medasin uncle Sego released his long awaited debut “Pink Polo” EP on Film Noir.

We knew Masego was destined for greatness thanks to his sparkling personality, great sense of humor and most importantly his musical background. This often mistaken Jamaican has skills upon skills and it was no surprise to read he recently was signed by Windish Agency. Big things homey!

You probably have heard “Girls That Dance“, which makes for the ultimate feel good club song if you ask me. The second single “Shut Up & Groove” is more on that laid back TrapHouseJazz vibe and the rest of the EP…well I suggest you take a listen yourself. We think it’s extremely refreshing, honest good music and well worth picking up.


Birthday Boy

Miss a l l i e is already considered one of Toronto’s finest by us. This blossoming young lady is a stunner and with her previous song “Remedy”, produced by Nick Wisdom, she completely blew us away.

This time around she collaborates for the first time with Toronto producer Birthday Boy. The fruit of this collaboration is a new track titled “I Can’t Wait“. Besides a l l i e’s soothing vocals, Birthday Boy lays down a few vocals himself. The music scene in LA has always been bubbling, but as of lately it seems Toronto is becoming a new musical hotbed.


Yung money baller PATCHWORK aka Koen Hesp out of Haarlem, came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam to join us for our ‘Werk Space’ project. The ZenSupremacy producer invited his label buddy Chef Red and recorded a gang of new material.

The instrumental version of “So Far” was also birthed during his visit to the studios and was supposed to have singer Danny Cainco from Dallas on vocals.
Sadly he was unable to record the vocals on time due to technical difficulties.

Later this week we will have Rotterdam beatmaker Giorgio Oehlers join us in the studio. He will be the second producer out of the Darker Than Wax camp to represent, but best believe you will come to discover, love and respect many more talented Dutch producers. Please grab a free download and be so kind to check out more music from PATCHWORK.

Much love to Serena Indigo (artwork), Joao MB Costa (shot & cut) and Lexflex81 (logo design). Could not have done this without you all!

Emily King The Switch

Miss Emily King is one of the most amazing song writers coming out of New York. Probably one of the reasons she has been nominated for a Grammy.

Emily King is a beautiful soul who has returned with a new album, to match that soul, titled “The Switch“. King’s third album contains eleven songs and showcases her incredible range and song writing ability as an artist.

Her music sounds like feelings and makes R&B sound like something sophisticated yet oh so sexy. The album is out on her own label, Making Music Records, so make sure you purchase the entire release on iTunes.

Moovmnt Radio

Moovmnt Radio Show 06


We had to start our show a few minutes later then planned, because of not being able to get into the studio. Fortunately we got everything ready on time, but we had to cut the last track short.

Big up to my, not s0 charming co-host Deluge, for providing some proper covert art for Moovmnt Radio Show 06. In case you missed out on our previous shows, please find them all here. We had a blast recording almost two hours of radio at Studio 80 Radio. We hope you’ll have as much fun listening to Moovmnt Radio Show 06, as we had recording it. Next month we’ll be back on the last Saturday of the month, so tune in once again!

Moovmnt Radio 06 by Moovmnt on Mixcloud

Josa Peit Constellation

Berlin-based female producer Josa Peit sings, writes and perhaps even more interesting…she sculpts soundscapes.

As a singer Josa Peit is currently part of Ben Lamdin’s 7 piece band, Nostalgia 77, and has been touring extensively throughout Europe. Back in 2013 she collaborated with Dexter (Melting Pot Music), who returns the favor by remixing the title song.

She draws influences from Electronica with Disco, Psych, Folk and Soul elements and is about to release her debut “Constellation” EP on The Gym Records by the end of this summer. It will feature a psychedelic, yet jazzy remix of the track Constellation from Max Graef & Glenn Astro (Money $ex Records).

Illa J Universe

After a few days of hard work it’s time to return with a brand newbie from Illa J. The young vocalist, originally from Detroit and now residing in Montreal, has been carefully navigating his way through the oft-turbulent waters of Hip-Hop since the tender age of thirteen.

The young John Yancey aka Illa J wrote his first rhyme alongside his brother, the late great Jay Dee aka Dilla Dawg. After his brother’s passing in 2006, Illa J began teaching himself piano and bass. He took vocal lessons and at the same time toured the world and recorded a gang of Dilla-related projects, being an active member of Slum Village until 2014.

When Illa J moved to Canadian he soon started working with producers Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical (who we know better as Potatohead People). Their “Big Luxury” album was released not that long ago on Bastard Jazz and it featured Illa J on two tracks. After the amazing “Strippers” cut, Illa J returns with his second single titled “Universe“. We are looking forward to the forthcoming self-titled solo album entirely produced by the Canadian duo.


Now I wasn’t expecting virtuoso bassist and singer-songwriter Thundercat to release a surprise mini-album.

Stephan ‘Thundercat’ Bruner returns to the Brainfeeder fold with his first solo material in two years. His new project titled “The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam” picks up where “Apocalypse” left off. Together with longtime sparring partner Flying Lotus Thundercat explores the outer limits of Jazz-Funk and they get a little help from Herbie Hancock, Kamasi Washington, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Dennis Hamm and Mono/Poly.

Though I’ve been a big Fusion fan for many years, on most songs I personally miss the element of Soul. Of course this is not the case with “Them Changes” and for this reason I find this the bomdiggity and by far an ultimate favorite. Upon exploring the rest of the mini-album, I found that Thundercat’s voice is really soothing. I also found songs like “Lone Wolf and Cub” and “Where The Giants Roam / Field of the Nephilim” make for incredible background music. In my opinion they just don’t pack that oomph that Them Changes packs.

I guess I was hoping for a little bit more, but none the less a quality piece of music from the Brainfeeder camp once again. Available on iTunes now.



Earlier this month 21-year-old producer Patchwork out of Haarlem, came down to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam to join our Werk Space project. The young producer invited his ZenSupremacy label buddy Chef Red and recorded with a vocalist plus a rapper from the Caribbean. Between them they recorded a gang of new material, which we bet will be out shortly.

The yet to be titled track you hear in this video is one of the things they worked on, but it won’t come out till the end of the month I’m afraid. Have to give a big shout out to Joao Costa for all his hard work (plus jokes). We have Lexflex81 to thank for the bomb ass Werk Space ogo by the way!